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    Celebrating the totally fabulous life and times of Charles Anolik on his 100th birthday.

    Mr. Charles had a special place in his heart for the elderly, having seen so many suffer and quickly perish during the war. On a couple of Sundays every month for many years, Mr. Charles would visit the Iowa Jewish Senior Life Center in Des Moines and spend a few hours doing hair.


    On March 3, 2017, Charles' son, Dave, is partnering with bfab to provide FREE stylist “spruce-ups” to various elderly institutions in the Bay Area, CA and Des Moines, IA.


    we will be hosting events in these locations

    the bay area, california


    We're planning on hosting styling events at several locations in the San Francisco Bay area.

    des moines, iowa


    We'll plan to honor the memory of Charles by including event locations in the original home of his Salon.

    in partnership with fabulous bfab stylists

    bfab, a mobile technology company that connects cosmetologists with customers, is currently rolling out their offering in cities across America, to rave reviews. bfab deeply embraces and celebrates the attributes of the Cosmetology Industry, honoring the clear path it provides toward economic independence for iconoclasts and artists of all stripes, excluding no one. It is in this spirit that bfab is honoring the life of Charles Anolik on what would have been his 100th birthday.

    who is Charles Anolik

    Charles’s 91-year journey took him from the horrors of being a Jew in Europe under Nazi rule to achieving success and accolades in Des Moines, Iowa as both hairstylist and family man. Charles drew upon his personal history and engrained beliefs of the dignity of life at all stages, to use his talents to give back to the community.


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