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Meet Our Professional Hairstylist

Freelance hairstylists are able to come to your location to work their magic. What does it take to become a bfab mobile hairstylist? Bfab takes special care to contract with only the very best hairstylist in the area. All of our stylists have been pre vetted and hand picked. Every stylist is auditioned by our co founder, Sharon who is an international hairstylist. Each hairstylist must have skills that are superior along with a winning personality. Our freelance hairstylists must be able to communicate and to problem solve. Their customer service skills are as important as their ability to hairstyle. We have interviewed over 500 stylists in the Bay Area with about 25% making it as the whole package and are contracted with as a bfab stylist. We love our stylists who live in San Jose, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Mountainview, Menlo Park, San Francisco, Berkeley, and everywhere in between.

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