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it's a new year

12 hair inspirations waiting for you

January 3, 2017

It is 2017 and bfab is ready to start the New Year with the latest trends in hair and makeup in the Bay Area. So skip the blowdry bar and let a professional hairstylists and makeup artist come to your location to create the best new hairstyles and makeup trends for 2017.

 Our freelance hairstylists created this waterfall of curls that bring out beautiful highlights. You can dance all night with these bouncy elegant curls.

The half up and half down updo is perfect for any occasion.  Even the most formal dress can be perfect with a hairstyle that is pulled back in a knot with loose tendrils of curled hair flowing.

 The waterfall braid is a FABulous look that takes a casual braid and gives it more elegance.  A professional hairstylists is able to pick the perfect braid to make your look even more special.

 Loose updos with fresh flowers is a special event hairstyle that bfab stylists have mastered.

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