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if 40 is fabulous than 42 is even more!

Bet you have heard that before… and it’s all true! 42 is FABULOUS!

 So now you ask yourself well, how do I GET THERE … how do I make turning 42 fabulous and one to remember – throw the best, most FABulous party ever….

The secret to achieving this is easy. It all starts with looking and feeling in a party mood and there is no better way than having a team of bfab hairstylists and makeup artists come to the party venue hours beforehand to get you and your best friends in a party mood. We call it “the party before the party”. Professional hairstylists and makeup artists bring all their tools.  Sitting and getting a professional blowdry while hanging out with your friends starts the evening out with a bang.  The fun of feeling 25 while you are turning 42 begins with great hair and makeup.

The smokey eye with the natural lip gives a sophisticated look without aging you. Hair that has the perfect blowout with body and movement lets you be the life of the party.The key to looking young is not just the perfect blowout or the flawless makeup application but it is to feel good from within.

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