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Bfab is not only a beauty on demand app, based in Silicon Valley which instantly makes us part of the tech world but we are adapting our services for the woman in tech. Busy days of coding and managing startups leaves women little time to take care of themselves. Bfab knows that to give women the gift of time is the best gift possible in these busy days.

Bfab comes to your office fully prepared to help you get ready for a company head shot or a speaking engagement. In addition to traveling to you, we have focused our continuing education for our stylists on how to meet our clients needs. This past October our stylists took part in a seminar~How to Meet Your Tech Clients Needs. Our professional teacher, Elizabeth Fox spent an evening teaching our stylists about the special needs of the Bay Area woman who is working in Tech.

1. Time is of the essence-Our stylists should be quick and efficient. A good makeup application can be done in 20 minutes

2. Space doesn't matter-Many times a client is in a small hotel room or tiny office, our stylists need to be creative

3. Less is more-The average woman in Silicon Valley does not want to look like she is in a theatrical production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rather the look in the Bay is of professional, polished and classy.

We need more women in tech and to support the women that are doing fabulous things. Bfab wants to help all women feel fab from the outside in on their terms.

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